Link your smart devices
elegantly and seamlessly.


Choose your input.

Sound sensor. Thermometer. Ambiant light meter. Choose your input (or inputs) that will be used as triggers in one tap.


Choose your output.

Speaker. Notifications. Text messages. Choose your output (or outputs) that will be triggered by your input sources.


Link them together.

Graph the temperature in your backyard. Get text notifications when your computer overheats. Receive a notification when an unusual sound is detected while away from home. This is where the true power of HoIT lies.

  • Simple
  • Interactive
  • Cloud-based
  • No code required

Meet the team

A competent mix of hipsters, hackers and hustlers are behind this app.

Jack Luo

Jack Luo

Front-end designer and web developer, UI/UX design and Mac fanboy...

Amin Manna

Amin Manna

Full stack engineer, Android developer and Penguin enthusiast :)

Simon Tran

Simon Tran

Full stack developer, software consultant and impulsive person ;)

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